Welcome Address from The Prime Minister of Belize!

As Prime Minister of Belize, I extend a warm welcome to each of you visiting the official website of the Belize International Financial Services Association (BIFSA). I am honoured to usher you into a realm where excellence, innovation and integrity are not merely aspirations but the very pillars upon which Belize’s financial services industry stands.

For decades, BIFSA has been the custodian of Belize’s legacy in the international financial services sector, a testament to the vision, resilience, and pioneering spirit of its members. Their journey is one of tireless dedication to elevating Belize’s position on the global stage. 

The members of BIFSA are the vanguards of our financial services industry. With portfolios that span the globe and a vast depth of experience, they drive this sector forward. In partnership with our government, they have cultivated a fertile ground for growth, development, and success in Belize. 

Honourable John Briceño

Prime Minister of Belize
Minister of Finance, Economic Development & Investment, Civil Aviation and Immigration

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Press Release – 6th October 2021

The Belize International Financial Services Association (BIFSA) is a member-based statutory body with the objective, among several others, of dealing with matters affecting the interests of the members, the association, and the International Financial Services Industry (IFSI) and to take such action thereon as may be deemed appropriate.

Belize Tax Service Announcement

The Director General of Belize Tax Service Department hereby grants a six-month extension for the filing of Annual Business Tax Returns and Financials for the basis year 2020 for IBCs only. The new due date for filing of returns is Thursday 30th September 2021.