Wendy Oxley


Wendy Oxley, ACIArb and Belize Supreme Court sworn Mediator and Arbitrator brings a wealth of experience and insight as a Mediator to the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). As a Businesswoman, Consultant and ADR professional Ms Oxley is in a unique position to guide a wide range of individuals and organizations through alternative dispute resolution processes to outcomes that benefit all involved. She is as an expert and qualified Mediator who believes that the primary focus of any ADR initiative must be to ensure a quality process where all parties concerned are heard and can take ownership of resolutions accordingly. Over the years as a Court appointed Mediator Ms Oxley has rendered numerous successful agreements in Civil and Family matters.


Oxley earned her certificate as mediator from UWI Open Campus Belize in 2013 and further specialized in Family Mediation in 2016. Obtaining an Arbitration Certificate from UWI Open Campus Belize and The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) received in 2017 and further acquired her Advance Mediator certification in 2019 from UWI Open Campus Belize. She has several established business ranging from ADR, tourism, corporate, executive support and the financial services industry serving as Licensed Registered agent in Belize for over more than a decade. She had been a pervious General Manager and Acting Registrar of International Business Companies Registry in Belize and has fully honed mediation and negotiation skills via her appearances at the City’s courts as well as nationally. Moreover Ms Oxley has served as Trustee of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Association of Belize (Formerly Belize Court-Connected Mediators) being also representative on the National Committee of Supreme Court Mediation/ADR and as Vice-President of the Board as well as Chairperson for the Training committee.


Ms Oxley is a qualified Business and ADR professional whom can be found listed on the Supreme Court rosters ( http://www.belizejudiciary.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Roster-of-Court-Connected-Mediators.pdf) of Belize.