BIFSA wishes to constantly inform and engage its membership. To this extent, the BIFSA Bulletin was created as a virtual boardroom for the provision of our thoughts on the Industry and pertinent news from around the world.

The [Dispatch ] will provide comments to the Association from the Management Committee on a [quarterly/monthly/regular] basis. Comments may take the form of updates to membership on developments in the Belize IFS industry, articles provided by the Management Committee or members, or general remarks from the perspective of the Management Committee

There is also the availability of the [Soapbox], where members can log in and give their comments on certain matters, either through identification or anonymously, and provide articles for publishing on the Bulletin.

[The Dispatch]

The Management Committee believes that the future of the IFS Industry depends heavily on co-operation. Belize IFS Practitioners have excellent relationships with their international clients, intermediary and colleagues and enjoy a wonderful camaraderie due to the closely knit nature of the Industry. This sort of ongoing relationship between the Association, the Industry and our foreign market requires ongoing and open communication allowing for a healthy interchange of ideas.

It is our view that despite recent changes in the global economy and increased demands from numerous international agencies the IFS Industry was born from innovation. It is this same innovation which must inform our practice and our discussions when it comes to our intimate and conservative Industry.  BIFSA is more relevant than ever before due to its primary purpose of being a membership organization of the Industry.


We have also provided a list of relevant laws and legislation that relate to our industry. We trust that this should prove useful to your reference.

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