Management Committee

Along with statutory law, BIFSA is also governed by its Constitution. The BIFSA Constitution, which was adopted by the Membership, provides for the various rules of the association including the election of the Management Committee, which shall be responsible for the management of the business of the Association.

The Management Committee consists of eight persons, being the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association along with four other persons, all of which must be members of the Association. The nomination, voting on and election of the Management Committee must be done on an annual basis by the members of the Association.

Reynaldo Magaña, CPA – President

Reynaldo is an accomplished professional auditor and accountant and has gained 16 years overall experience in audit, tax, accounting, and business advisory.  Reynaldo has been instrumental in the transformation of a local practice previously known as R F Magaña & Associates (2004-2011) into an internationally renowned Audit and Accounting Service

Karen Longsworth – Vice President

Karen Longsworth is the Founder and Managing Director of COSTA Corporate Services Limited (CCSL). She has worked in various capacities in the Financial Service Industry over a period of 24 years and gained substantial expertise and critical insights necessary to operate within the offshore industry. She understands the regulatory environment

Ava Lovell Belisle – Treasurer

Ava began her career in the International Financial Services Industry in Belize in 1997 when she joined the team at Belize Corporate Services Limited (BCSL), one of Belize’s leading corporate service providers and the company that incorporated the first IBC in Belize.  BCSL is a member of the BCB Holdings

Amanda Young TEP – Secretary

Justice of the Peace since January 2011, Amanda has worked in the corporate and International Financial Services Industry in Belize since March 2003 with her first 9 years at Barrow and Williams Law Firm as the firm’s Administrative Director for the IFS department.  In 2012 after gaining a wealth of

Mitchell O’Brien – Director

Mitchell O’Brien has 20 years of experience in the international financial services industry and specializes in corporate and trust arrangements.  Mr. O’Brien works primarily with professional clients in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Mr. O’Brien is a member of STEP and holds a Master