Become A BIFSA Member

All persons entitled to act as resident agents within the meaning of section 39(2) of the International Business Companies Act (the Act) are entitled to join the Association by applying to the Management Committee via the appropriate application forms. All fees are payable by the 31st day of January in each year.

The Management Committee may from time to time invite and admit to membership (upon payment of the membership fee) such persons who the Management Committee decide should be members of the Association notwithstanding that such persons may not be entitled by the Act to act as a resident agent.

No person who has been duly expelled from membership shall thereafter be admitted to membership nor shall his name be entered on the Register of Members except by resolution of the Association passed at a General Meeting.

A member at any time shall resign from the Association by giving to the Secretary notice in writing of his intention to do so.

Members of the Association who are in arrears in the payment of their subscription shall be on the expiration of 30 days after the issue by the Secretary of a written notice requiring payment of the amount due cease to be eligible to vote at any meeting of the Association or the Management Committee or to be elected to any office in the Association or to receive any notices or publications from the Association and these disqualifications shall remain in force until the arrears of the subscription in respect of which the notice was issued have been duly paid.

Fees For Becoming A Member Of BIFSA

BZ$250.00 Individual Member

BZ$350.00 Corporate Member (Up To 2 Representatives)

BZ$500.00 Any Other Member Admitted Under Article 3(2)

*Fees Must Be Paid By January 31st Of Each New Year.

*All Members Are Only Entitled To One Vote per Company And Individual

*Proxy Votes Are Not Allowed Under the BIFSA Constitution

*A Representative Of A Corporate Member May Also Apply For An Individual Membership.

*All Fees Are Payable To “Belize International Financial Services Association Or “BIFSA”.

Application Forms