BIFSA believes that the IFS Industry of Belize demands constant improvement and regularly deals with legislative drafting and updates, discussions with policymakers and regulatory bodies and the dissemination of useful, topical information to its members. Along with promoting self-regulation of the private side of the Industry, the President and Vice-President of the Association also hold seats on the International Financial Services Commission, which is the official government body responsible for the supervision and regulation of the conduct of IFS in Belize.

Under law, BIFSA has the following powers, among others:

  • To deal with matters affecting the interests of BIFSA, its members and the Industry and take such action thereon as may be deemed appropriate.
  • To promote and protect the interests of BIFSA and its members.
  • To hold seminars, conferences, meetings and workshops to educate and inform members of the Association on matters relating to the Industry.
  • To take such steps as may be proper and necessary to ensure the regulation of the Industry in Belize and to consider all questions connected with the Industry and the members of the Association.
  • To represent the members of the Association in matters concerning the Industry in any forum where the same may arise and to express and give effect to the views of the members on such matters.
  • To collect and circulate statistics and information on the Industry.
  • To undertake the settlement by arbitration of disputes wherever authorised so to do.
  • To promote and foster relations with other professional bodies in Belize and elsewhere for the purpose of better achieving the objects of BIFSA, and to subscribe to and join or associate with and to encourage and support local, regional and international professional organizations whose objects are not inconsistent with those of the Association.
  • To subscribe to local and national charities and to grant donations for public purposes.
  • To do such other things which BIFSA deems fit in furtherance of the objects of BIFSA.

BIFSA Constitution